Flamenco is a variant of the music, touching and typical Andalusian dance. It is a world famous art and deeply admired that crosses borders. ste has fed on a host of trends without losing its personality. But perhaps its most important feature is the strong connection that binds him to his audience, who lives so emotional and sentimental. This sensitivity aroused by the flamenco touches your heart, even to those who first discovered. So it is also known as "flamenco", and that deepens the feelings or "gypsy art" by the influence of this ethnic group had its birth and development. The art of flamenco is the result of a sum of musical cultures that have developed in Andalusia than two centuries in this part: Jewish music, Arabic, Castilian, the ancient Andalusian and gypsy.

In flamenco, emotions are far beyond aesthetics. Tesla will not settle for partial explanations. It is extremely important to the artist's ability to reach audiences and generate emotions. In fact, the song starts with a whimper pitiful, known as "lament" that brings the voice of the performer and the listener emotionally prepared. The dance is very expressive and depends entirely on the guitar, which lends the rhythm and pace necessary for its realization. This is an individual dance and introverted, full of feeling and improvisation. Flamenco Touch focuses attention on the flamenco guitar, which has become its most avant-garde is and admired. Besides the guitar, other instruments (percussion) and accompaniments (like palms) that play an important role.

That includes thousands of tourists coming to Andalucia for the sole purpose of enjoying art. But increasingly, flamenco artists have been beyond our borders. In addition, the media reported its forces along the five continents. Despite this universality, Al is still the cradle and capital. Currently, the mixing has taken the art. Some people think that the desire for renewal and excessive orchestration have wasted authenticity to flamenco and music have become a purely commercial. But groups such as group Pata Negra, Ketama, Navajita Platea, Ojos de Brujo, etc., Have shown that the new flamenco steps with force. They have managed to merge the pure flamenco with elements of jazz, salsa, pop and rock and have brought new nuances. Still, there are opinions for and against this emerging style. Anyway, this art is in fashion. Both the flamenco, as the new, gaining adherents worldwide. Would you like to know in its purest style? Travel to Andalusia and find out. Stay in and let yourself be deceived by its sound. Sevilla flamenco sounds! .