Damascus Steel

Something else is there, when we get together with friends, or time on holidays with the whole family in the kitchen. Then we our Japanese knives, our Kai-Shun take out Damascus steel knife and cook it. These are our chef’s knife for special occasions, for parties and celebrations, or simply for common cooking with friends. We enjoy in addition to the great sharpness at the beautiful appearance, the great damask pattern and well in the hand grips made of noble wood. Of course, there are much more beautiful knives, more elaborate forged blades, expensive Griffmaterialen.

For every taste and every purse is something on sale. But the Kai Shun Damascus knives are for us the epitome of affordable pleasure with high-quality chef knives. We find that these knives for their quality and fine appearance are simply worth their price. In addition, there is a wide range of all kinds of knives. Last but not least these mentioned reasons the Kai Shun found also such a great success Damascus steel knife blade consists of 32 layers of Damascus Steel, the core of V-gold-10 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 611 HRC. This steel is very well proven in the construction of high-quality kitchen knives. If you want to look at this great damask knife, here you will find the Kai Shun: A Special Edition with an above-average blade hardness of 641 HRC are Kai Shun Kaji finally we hope you with your chef’s knife – Kai or by other manufacturers.

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