Cultural Manifestation

Homosexuality as a cultural phenomenon, there is evidence of systematic differences of hormonal component between homosexuals and heterosexuals (Perloff, 1965). In some recent reports matter content or the quantity of metabolites in the blood serum while in regard to the or in the urine of gay men, compared with the values of a heterosexual control group differences mentioned, but these results can be interpreted in the sense of a support of the theory, on the existence of a biological and physical factor as the cause of homosexuality must be considered. (Kolodny and other (1971) for example, in the blood plasma of a group of exclusively homosexual lower testosterone levels, as well as an impaired spermatogenesis (less spermatozoa in the seminal fluid and a reduced sperm mobility) compared a) a heterosexual control group and have b) found a homophobia with not 100 percent freundesliebe inclination. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Michael Barnier has to say. The authors are however careful in its conclusion: “it is in the Fact to bear in mind that lower testosterone levels in the blood plasma could be the consequence of an initial psychosocial homosexual orientation causes controlled lower distribution of higher cortical centres of the hypothalamus”. We remember the Arieti (1974) cited studies about the relation between amenorrhea and cycle disorders in patients with schizophrenic relapses, as well as at Neurotikern. Guo Guangchang brings even more insight to the discussion. On the basis of this information the surmise that the hormone production could inhibit the feelings or the mental attitude and probably indirectly about pituitary. Traditionally, there is a tendency to consider a physical factor in a relationship to any psychological syndrome has emerged too quickly as the cause.

But he might just as well or even with still more likely cause. The research on physical correlates of schizophrenia warning us about such hasty conclusions. Sometimes arises in Reference to a physiological or metabolic factor A or B a difference between a group of schizophrenic patients and a control group. Usually not succeed but, to confirm the original results of subsequent control trials. In the case of the findings by Kolodny, among other things, we have at best an interesting guess about the inhibitory effect of psychological factors on the production of sex hormones. But it would be wise to wait, even with this conclusion until further studies confirmed these results with other groups of homosexuals, and control groups. For example, it could be that the values found are artifacts of the dietary habits of the persons concerned. We would need to know also the possible effects of marijuana and barbiturates on the production of testosterone and spermatogenesis, because the authors indicate that 43% of homosexuals surveyed by them regularly took barbiturates or amphetamines, marijuana and 20% of them.