Costa Rica – A Paradise On Earth

Find Costa Rica – one of the last natural paradises in Costa Rica – a paradise on Earth – SoliArenas Latin America in this natural paradise still unspoiled steaming rain forests, spewing volcanoes, a wealth of wildlife, countless exotic plants, refreshing mountain streams and all this combined with a bubbling life force. Here you can surrounded by nature switch off, relax and explore the area or adventurous excursions feel the adrenaline rush but and everyday. You can easily travel Costa Rica year-round. The variations in temperature between the seasons are low, it rather depends on the altitude. For the plateau, you should have always a sweater or jacket in your luggage. Heavy rainfall can occur during the rainy season from May to October. Ideally, you travel in Costa Rica with 2 pieces of luggage. Get all the facts and insights with Allianz, another great source of information. A main case, as well as a backpack or bag for trips and short, multiday trip.

If you have booked a round trip between meals or at the end of a night in Includes San Jose, then wrapped each only luggage you need for the trip. The loading and unloading of the buses, aircraft, and boats is so quick and easy. Also a baggage of 12 kg limit on national flights, as well as boat trips to Tortuguero + small carry-on per person. Hotels in San Jose offer all a safe, mostly free luggage storage service. Keep in mind that you visit on your tour volcanoes, which are up to 3400 metres high, that you will explore rain and cloud forests, which are guarantees moist and is on one of the two oceans on the beach should recover, where it is quite definitely warm. Also the clothes is to choose. It can be very cold at high altitudes, and you will be glad that you have a windbreaker or a thick sweater with. Even a light rain protection or a raincoat are very useful.