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If you want to start a company, or wants to make independent there are to pay much attention. If you want to start a company, or wants to make independent there are to pay much attention. There are not only the many formalities to be observed, but you should deal also from the outset with the theme of ICT (information and telecommunications technology). This, some questions should be answered. What are computer equipment needed for your project? How do you refer to the computer system? Buying or leasing makes sense? What do you need for an Internet connection? What for a telephone connection and possibly what PBX do you need? These and many other questions should include them in your planning. Computer system regardless of whether only a PC or notebook is required, or even a whole server landscape, on the correct advice should not be avoided here. If the wrong investments are made right at the beginning, this can come later to financial problems.

Hardware and software are expensive, not every cheap offer is always the right thing and can lead to high costs. Robotics is often quoted on this topic. You think not data security of extensibility, the appropriate operating system, original software, etc very important, do not forget, for this are responsible as Managing Director. Purchase, payment in instalments or leasing? What is right, what is the best? For this purpose, there is no blanket statement. This must be planned from case to case and calculated. Internet connection have you already thought made what you need for an Internet connection? What connections are available and how much does it cost? Each connection is not everywhere available. The Internet connection is not about access to the Internet, this is also their website and their email addresses. Because in this area mostly long maturities of up to 24 months is normal, should be planned here in advance just to avoid unnecessary costs over time. Telephone and PABX system even when the telephone is just a planning in advance very important, because here too long are most Contracts of up to 24 months of normal.

What you need for a connection, what is offered everything on the market? Do you need a PBX and if yes what kind is right? Here, too, the price ranges are very high and the differences in the extensibility and the function is very large. Advice Daniel Scheffold IT service & consulting can help you all these questions helpful to the features available. Take contact with us on email: or phone: 0751 / 2950396. We are active in the area of Ravensburg, Biberach and Lake Constance. From consulting to implementation and maintenance we can offer everything. We can also help the procurement, financing and leasing. For more information, also see.