Cold Welding

Cold welding has a distinguishing feature from other types of welding. It is performed at a minimum, and even room temperature, ie without increasing the temperature by external sources. Cold welding organizes highly reliable connections, its use in welding different metals: copper alloy, zinc, silver, cadmium and steel. Cold welding has distinctive advantage in comparison with other species concatenation of the metal, which lies in the fact that only it can be used in cases where the metals to be welded are sensitive to heat or form the intermetallics. Cold welding Diamond includes crafty physicochemical metamorphism, the most important constraint in pursuing it – mild strain that is required to reduce the distance between the materials to be welded to commensurate with the size of the crystal lattice. Under normal constraints to implement this metamorphism is unrealistic. In turn, cold welding in need exclude oxides from metal surfaces.

Nature of the cold welding depends on the quality welded surfaces (no oxide, the physical and chemical state of metals, etc) and the magnitude of damage. In the condition of these characteristics is divided into cold welding spot, seam and butt. Available turn cold welding linoleum, which is used in the process of universal glue, take the ‘Diamond’, which is well suited for, so at home with no restrictions reinforcements masters weld seams of linoleum. Clay ‘Diamond’ is a domestic product, which may make possible the long-lasting result, which means you can be assured that in no case will no longer start anew welded seams. Judgement on competent professionals, glue ‘Diamond’ is completely suitable for use at home, though not without a certain level of toxicity. However, in the civilized powers of the use of glue for cold welding refused. However, it does not offer use in motor technology because of the personal storage, the adhesive diamond is ideal for small domestic works. Do not forget that cold welding is very harmful to human health, as this process has volatile solvents, thereby required to plow freshen the room.