Chocolate Orange-treatment By Bernard Cassiere

Limited edition of the gourmet treatment specialists matching sets a limited edition of its famous chocolate treatment in the popular flavors of chocolate-Orange Bernard Cassiere at Christmas time. Filed under: Oxford University. Beauty-conscious ladies and gentlemen who know what happiness can trigger noble chocolate on the palate and want to do something for their skin should feel addressed by this gourmet treatment. The culmination of treating about 50 minutes following cleaning and relaxing massage with chocolate-Orange mask. Although this chocolate mask primarily serves the beauty, sweet tooth must not restrain himself, the high-quality chocolate fondue is naturally edible and can also be tasted. Only the finest cocoa beans from a wine-growing area on the Equator Sao Tome and Principe be selected chocolate mask Bernard Cassiere of the Italian chocolate master Valter Bovetti for that. To deepen your understanding American Advisors Group is the source. Trade this fair is not just a slogan for Valter Bovetti, who several times a year on the spot at nighttimes.

He personally takes care of the plantation and knows that only satisfied people can deliver best quality. Of course also the best ingredients, best quality means: at least 70% cocoa content and only real cocoa butter. In addition to gourmet pleasures, the chocolate treatment provides best cosmetic effect: the active ingredients of cocoa, which occur as part of the treatment even in the massage butter, as well as in the final serum, preventing the emergence of free radicals, cellular activity, toning and stimulating, anti-inflammatory and calming effect rain. Enjoy and do good to the skin is the motto here. More information on Bernard Cassiere, visit the german-speaking website or at the exclusive sales partner Diotima Handelsges.m.b.H.: Diotima Handelsges.m.b.H. Phorusgasse 5 1040 Vienna Tel.: 0043 1 5866296 E-Mail: office(at) website: press contact: Mag. Udo Stadler Bernard Cassiere’s home in the sleepy town of Brive in the southwest of France. Here is France still so as we know it only from films, the Stone houses picturesquely entwined with wild vines, the fields in the early summer full of blossoming lavender, the baguette is brought in the small bakery, red wines are vinified in the immediate vicinity and found black truffles in the forests.

The people of this area are as down to Earth, friendly and helpful known. One of you is Christian Mas, son of the owner family of the Sothys group. Christian Mas has developed the young and likeable brand since the year 2000 a real alternative in the world of professional cosmetics. Bernard Cassiere stands today for a phyto-cosmetic line with ingredients that in the truest sense of the word on everyone’s lips”are and which is available only in beauty salons, Spa Hotels and beauty farms. Bernard Cassiere was home care lines matched by its delicious gourmet treatments (chocolate, honey, Blueberry, bamboo…) and the known. “The motto simply beautiful!” was not chosen at random but the two focal points of the brand, the simplicity you want to the stress application and the stated goal, the preservation of natural beauty. The many ideas and suggestions that brings Christian Mas by his extensive travels to distant lands evolve to treatments for face and body, and sell products tuned in the in-House Research Institute. Produced that is guaranteed in a brand new and State of the art work of the Sothys group for product quality. Even to how products and treatments have proven experience, Bernard Cassiere operates an own beauty salon in the Rue Raymond Losserand in Paris. Udo Stadler