BIT Nizhny Novgorod

Benefits of automatic exchange of data between the store and head office was estimated at chain stores "Posudof" in Nizhny Novgorod. Shop network "Posudof" (OOO "Megadom") sells tableware and household products. Leadership appealed to the outlet unit BIT Nizhny Novgorod that professional specialists have picked up shop equipment and software for efficient shop. For more information see Guo Guangchang. At the box office node installed POS-set ATOL: Easy POS lite c printer documentation for UTII FPrint-03K, a bar code scanner and cash drawer. Fast readout of marketable products provides a laser scanner Symbol LS1203, selected instead of entering the LED kit manual scanner. To protect against counterfeit bills at the cash register is used infrared viewing counterfeit detector banknote Dors 1000. To work on fixing the cashier sales and implementation of settlements with customers used to store software Frontol WinCE, included in the POS-set ATOL: Easy POS lite.

In the central office for management accounting software installed "1C: Trade Management 8." To improve the quality accounting and the organization of centralized management specialists ensure BIT automatic data exchange via e-mail between a remote retail outlet, using Frontol WinCE, and the central office of "1C: Trade Management 8." In result of the project given the opportunity to work with multiple automation operating points. Automatic exchange of e-mail allows you to quickly upload data about the product at the working point and time receive sales data. At the same time when unloading the data is not affected by the discount policy, set the operating point, which allows each store to have their own loyalty system that do not depend on the setting in "1C: Trade Management 8." The system implements a flexible discount system, which allows to organize the action, take discount cards. In addition, each group can be assigned nomenclature their conditions: time and date of the discount, the period of the discount, the discount rate, etc. The plans between companies – the development of a centralized automated management system operating point and its integration into the "1C: Trade Management 8."