As Be More Efficient To Achieve More With Less With The Principle Of 8020

Would not you like to achieve more in less time? Efficiency and productivity are qualities we want to acquire in all areas of our lives. In an increasingly fast world people have realized that time is their most important asset. Every day that passes is one day less. That is why it is important to question your daily activities to be able to determine which are the ones that really give it. But, of all the thousands of things that we do every day, we can differentiate those that are valuable for those that make us lose time? For that you will need to start thinking according to the principle of 80/20. What is the 80/20 principle? The Pareto principle, better known as the 80/20 principle, raises that 80% of results or benefits are obtained from 20% of our efforts.

Similarly, 80% of our activities generate us only 20% of the satisfactions in life. It is a principle widely recognized in the field of business. The Pareto diagram has many applications in one company. Among other functions, used to make quality controls to determine the most common source of defects in a product, the most frequent reason for claims on the part of the client, etc. However, its application in the personal life of each person is less known. Why should the 80/20 principle import you? Because it applies to all areas of your life and give you a greater understanding of what really is happening in the world that surrounds it.

If you unable to think according to this principle, it will be a more effective, productive, competitive, happy and satisfied person. Its business would also be more cost-effective, since they will require a smaller investment of time, money and effort to obtain best results. If you learn to think and operate according to this principle, you will soon determine which are the valuable activities of his life and which are which does not give it mostly.