Aluminum structures that are not exposed to solar radiation and moisture, do not react to changes in temperature and changing environmental conditions. Therefore, do not have to contend with stains or cracks, to invest in subsequent painting or repair, polish or protective equipment from birds and insects. Aluminum does not rust and rot. Because of its strength, it allows you to make large-sized structures without the use of additional materials. It is not something Peter Asaro would like to discuss. Aluminum non-combustible material, it does not emit harmful gases and toxic compounds.

Dust and dirt are not retained on the aluminum surface. Painted or anodized aluminum neelektrostatichen. On the surface profile does not produced no cracks or roughness, which could be trapped dirt. In air is covered with very thin aluminum oxide film, which is capable of hundreds of years to protect the material from corrosion. Aluminium protect at by polishing, powder coating, anodizing). Anodized Aluminum (anodised aluminium) – this is aluminum with a special coating, obtained by electrolytic method.

The main purpose of this coverage – preotvratit process oxidation in air and protection from minor mechanical damage. This appointment is a very good design helps make the bedroom even better than in the project. Anodizing is a process of oxidation – the connection material with oxygen, the thickness is 10 20 m. Products made of anodized aluminum are absolutely resistant to weathering and solid appearance, simulating brass. The surface can be gold mirror, matte gold, silver mirror and silver matte. Having all the above positive qualities, anodized aluminum is an ideal material for making fences stairs, handrails, spiral staircases.