Agricultural Exodus

Fbio Borges de Oliveira Graduated Geography for the State University of Gois – UEG Maria Erlan Inocncio Prof Orienting Dr of Works of Research – UEG Summary: The valuation of lands for the farming production dinamizou the estruturao of the agricultural oligarchies in the construction of the space of the Brazilian agronegcio. Since the time where our economy started if to support in the farming production it opened if conditions so that the great country property if became more important of what the small in this context, those agriculturists who if did not fit as important for the national economy they had suffered with the effect of the agrarian politics and many had not resisted. With the arrival of the agricultural modernization the scene was if aggravating and today the amount of familiar agriculturists, or small proprietors are very small if to relate to the beginning of the arrival of the call green revolution in our country. The imported package of technologies of production from chemical insumos such as hidrossolveis fertilizers and the agrotxicos, beyond the seeds to cultivate hybrid and mechanization of the works had imposed a new form to produce that it does not make possible the production in small scale speeding up then the agricultural exodus with the forced desistance of the small agriculturist to remain in the field.