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Lucas Wealth

Of where they come the material blessings? The Bible says in Deuteronmio 8:18 ' ' Before you will remember to Mr. your Deus, because it is what you of the force to acquire wealth; in order to confirm its pact, that swore your parents, as today if v' '. It is possible that the money makes in to forget them things more important? The wealth can become the center of our life and take the place of God? The Bible says in Jeremias 9:23 – 24 ' ' Thus you says: Not if glorie the scholar in its wisdom, nor if glorie the fort in its force; not if glorie the rich one in its wealth; but what to gloriar itself, glorie in this: understanding in me knowing and me, that I am you, that I make benevolence, judgment and justice in the land; because of to these I please me things, &#039 says you.; ' The money can in giving attitudes to them missed on the material things. hout. The Bible says in Lucas 12:15 ' ' said the people: You warn you and you keep to you of all species of covets; because the life of the man does not consist of the abundance of the things that possui' '. It is not advisable that the financial success is a priority in our life.

It sees well what it said: ' ' priority in ours vida' '. This does not want to say that we must not have financial success. The Bible says in Mateus 6:24 ' ' Nobody can serve the two gentlemen; because or it has to hate to one and to love the other, or has to dedicate one to it and to disdain the other. You cannot serve the God and to the wealth (Mamom) ' '. 1 Timteo 6:9 ' ' But the ones that want to be rich fall in temptation and bow, and many concupiscncias harmful insane people and, which submerge the men in the ruin and perdio' '.

Characteristic Line Method Of Production

The most advanced and highly effective is the line method of production. Line method of production organization is typical for the mass-type enterprises, but it can be applied in enterprises series and even single type of production, for example in the manufacture of standardized parts and assemblies. At line method of organizing production manufacturing process is organized in strict accordance with the basic principles of rational organization of production: specialization pryamotochnostyo, proportion, rhythm, etc. For assistance, try visiting Film Financer. In-line method of production organization is a collection of techniques and tools implementation of the manufacturing process, valid for the strongly consistent implementation of all operations of the technological process in time and moving objects of labor for employment in accordance with installation tact release of products. At the same jobs, specialized to perform specific operations are located in the sequence of the process, forming a production line. To transfer the subject of labor from one operation to another, usually using special mechanized transport. For in-line production is characterized by the location of jobs strictly in accordance with the process of technological process, excluding return movement of manufactured objects and the continuous transmission of the objects of labor from one operation to another or the simultaneous occurrence of several operations (treatments), using multifunction machines.