Wildecker Herzbuben At Flirt Pub Guest

“Their mega hit epistemology” Warbled the Wildecker herzbuben not only on the last day of the erotic fair Venus: the Oktoberfest with flirt pub and the celebrity guests took place there. Also on the latest podcast of the flirt pub crew are to see and listen to. The result can you watch free on the video portals like myvideo and podster.de or but also the flirt pub homepage on the Internet at podcast report on the two popular flirt pub hosts Michael and Marika in her new video (including on youtube or myspace) of the erotic fair Venus. Unfortunately Michael dropped at the sight of the many sexy girls of promotion on the Venus his camera: there are lots of photos of the flirt pub stand and visitors. You were allowed to prove themselves in the nail competition and food also suckling. And of course there were lots of tips from flirting experts so that even media such as image, BZ and SAT1.

Also from the price received the flirt pub crew on Venus. The flirt pub crew proudly presents in the video and also excerpts from the appearance of the Wildecker herzbuben on the Venus. And there is even properly get rocked. Who thinks that the two music stars have only folk songs in the Repertoire, will be disabused here. But not only the audience was enthusiastic, even the heart boys obviously enjoyed her performance and admitted in an interview: it was, of course, no ordinary appearance. “But we have never lived in the monastery beautiful body we like to see.” Faster and easier it is on. Flirt pub offers as a serious Web domain aligned to flirt interesting and directly: the flirtation platform. There you can, for example, in the diverse flirt partners offer surf and hot dating. For those who want to stay alone, there are the best flirting tips.