Weblin Gate Opens Second Life Avatars The Gate On The World Wide Web

With the simple program extension ‘weblin gate’, it is possible with his avatar created in second life outside of SL universe on the Internet around to wuseln. Hamburg, December 8, 2008 break out avatars. Weblin opens the door to the Internet to second life avatars. Gate weblin with the simple program extension\”, it is possible with his avatar created outside of the SL universe on the Internet Herum to wandering in second life. In the new Web avatar brings not only the look and outfit from second life, it is also fully animated, can wave, laugh and dance. A leading source for info: Robert Burke & Associates. It is easy, out with his avatar from second life on the Web – and to break up: users simply navigate the weblin House (indicated by the green roof) in new Berlin in the vicinity of the tower at the Alexanderplatz in second life.

The exact address is: new Berlin 221, 73, 32 (PG). Alternatively, the weblin House directly through this URL is available: slurl.com/secondlife/New%20Berlin/200/93/31 In the House are two rooms, the foyer and the Photo Studio. In the Foyer of the House of weblin you initially paid a Linden dollars at the box office, which will be immediately credited back. Then it goes into the Studio, there already Paule, the photographer is waiting. It simply takes the stage in front of the camera and starts. Record of all animations takes only a few minutes. Left in the picture a column indicates how long the images are still ongoing. At the end of the data transfer, the user receives a link, which leads him to the weblin website. Users who already have a zweitgeist account, can now use their second life avatar as weblin avatar. Weblin-account users will receive free of charge by downloading the weblin client and can immediately explore the World Wide Web with their second life figure.