Web Site

The task of positioning your web site must not fall into the belief that its mere existence is sufficient or that hiring a pay per click campaign achieves this goal. The real positioning of your web site is accomplished with promotion, as well as the fame of a person is achieved by the amount of people that know her and talk about her. Your web site requires to be promoted, and this is an activity that usually remains in the responsibility of the owner of the web site and not who designed the website or provides the hosting, because simply the promotion of a web site is a service and different area. so what must done to promote our web site?

The first thing is to know that we have hired, if you have subscribed to his web hosting with a company, and your web page to another, can then be sure that nobody can support you with your promotion, at least not without charging you for this. If you subscribe to both services with the same company, then are likely if you can support him and not necessarily being billed. European Union often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In IZARIS when it performs an engagement comprehensive, receives free of charge following support in its promotion and therefore in its positioning: monitoring your traffic statistics to identify strengths and weaknesses in the content of your web site. Indexing of your website in the major search engines and annual maintenance. Support manual and direct promotion in portals and business and industry directory. Creation of maps of geographic location complemented with useful information for the search engines. Publication of these informative articles to provide you with additional and knowledge of services has at its disposal. However, we offer services with cost where we can intensify and do in a short period of time what for free could be done in a couple of years.