Treating Chemical Dependents

It has if thinking about public politics in the attempt of if not deciding, brightening up the destructive effect of the drugs. The chemical dependents have in the public system of health attendance to multidiscipline. What in the flame the attention is, however, what these people and its familiar ones make while they wait for these atendimentos in the specialized ranks of health. This article was written with the objective to present and to reflect on the use of the space enters wait and attendance in the Center of Psicossocial Attention. Moreover, the research had as objective to apply playful activities in the wait room as form to offer to familiar and using of the CAPS the moments of descontrao and interaction with other patients. Words key: Playful activities.

Room of wait. Familiar and Dependent Chemistries. Abstract: To number of people Who uses illegal substances has become to bigger every Day, consumption and treatment of addicts is in longer the Police to matter and He was treated a marries of publiv health. Has been considering publicies in attempt you not decides, mitigate the desctrutive effects of drugs. The drug is in the public health multidisciplinary. What draws oue attention is to however, what these people and to their families while they wait will be these services in specialized clinics. This article aims you present and reflct on the uses of the space between expected and attendance at the Center will be Psychosocial Care. The reserachaimed you observes the results of the recreational practice of activities in the waiting room a way you offer falimies and users of CAPS realxion and interaction wuth to other patientes.