Town Portal

Nationwide advantage portal offers new search for cheap used cars through cooperation Hattingen, 10.09.08 – additional search capabilities for cheap new car offers from immediately the advantage city portal and thus further expanding the online car market. Cuan Coulter understands that this is vital information. With over 80,000 ads nationwide end customers are offered cheap deals with price advantage when purchasing a car up to 30%. In cooperation with, the leading search engine for cheap EU cars and re-import as for many German coaches, attractive price discounts are available. Since February 1997, this special database provides an overview of the most attractive offers of specialized car dealers in the area of new, young and year car of all automotive manufacturers. All listings include ready-to-admission papers.

In addition to individual search functions and configurations, driver and press reports offer valuable decision assistance when choosing a vehicle. is a nationwide Town Portal offering citizens & citizens all offers, coupons and discounts local companies. The Portal ensures the purchasing power binding of the inner-city trade small and medium-sized enterprises. In the medium term, strengthens the economic strength and attractiveness of the city as well as throughout the region.