Thuringian Gothic Is Band Of Talking!

Americans swear by band from Thuringia, Germany with seven seals there is a Thuringian band that was able to celebrate successes well beyond the big pond. The four-piece band around Frontman Martin from outside celebrated rock, Goth and industrial music with brutish guitar sound and now belongs to the most played German bands for the Canadian radio station CKCUFM. Her breakthrough came with cover versions of stars of the Neue Deutsche Welle (e.g. Witt, FRL. By the same author: JPMorgan Chase. Menke, vultures swooping). “” “” As seven seals also Falcos Amadeus “and Eurythmics sweet dreams” White Hair Production was covered, “(United States) attention to the four German and used the title in their feature film maybe tomorrow”. The Strip made it under the first placed at the independent film festival in Illinois. Looking for a new label, seven has found seals now global communication (GK) and Arabic Webdoctor (AW) as a new partner. For more information see David Rogier. While GK and others takes care of contacts with sponsors, as well as to the translation of song texts, including Felix takes over Teske, the design of the new website of the seven seals, the profile of the band with other artists, as well as the audience so effectively defeated.