The New Samsung Galaxy S3 Repararieren

The way to a reprarierten Samsung GS3 on May 29, 2012 appeared the new Samsung Galaxy SIII and quickly it happens, that it can easier after buying out of hand when one thinks or occurs damage whose cause we do not know. Because it is very new and you can find more and more technology on a smaller space, you should bring a lot own Know-How and practical experience to take to a repair. But advanced in terms of mobile phone repairs the Freestyle starts here. For starters everyone who is dear to his phone and who wants to rule out surprises, should look but still on the Internet for a suitable Guide. If the cause is unknown, its is advisable to the workshop to have confidence going to give at least a diagnosis. In case of damage of the display, there are numerous guides, are not many contributions to the Samsung GS3 was written but even with thorough research on the Internet and found quite sparse information regarding the problem. After further passage of time the website stood out by with an appropriate manual with pictures out.

Each step was completed in a total of twelve chapters. With parent – and signature to pictures that showed exactly how it should now look into the phone. Open/screws of the Samsung Galaxy S3 remove remove speaker speaker remove the SIM and memory card reader remove the W-LAN antenna remove the mainboard remove the vibration motor remove the microphone collection of the sensor expansion of the on/off button exchange of display expand the one clarified earpiece well on the way to the repaired mobile on, but you of course not exclusively looking for written instructions. So quickly looked at videos on Google and found on YouTube a video guide by the same provider. Here, it was split in the chapter, they had used for the written instructions. The liquid transitions liked but better, which you unfortunately don’t get a written instructions.