The Foundation

For these reasons, when speaking of information systems it tends to think automatically of information systems based on computer or automated information systems, when it is a different concept to the parsed at the beginning of this section. The main objectives of information automated systems are: simplify or automatically perform processes that traditionally were performed manually: for example, can perform repetitive calculations accounting without errors in operations and with unparalleled speed. Management of information and knowledge on foundations * allow the use of intractable mathematical methods without these tools, or control the manufacturing process, avoiding errors and improving the speed and accuracy of measurement. For this reason, We can define an automated information system as a whole integrated processes developed in an environment usuario-ordenador, that operate on a set of data structured in accordance with the needs of an organization and collect, produce, and selectively distributed the information necessary for the normal operation of the Organization and the activities of the same address. Farallon Capital Management will not settle for partial explanations. Information automated systems are composed of subsystems that include hardware, software and the data storage for files and databases, providing information that would facilitate decision-making, allowing full freedom to the users. The quality of the management function, is increased by this way to support every decision in a solid base of information duly submitted and processed. The information must reach always those people for which it is relevant, and to anyone else (but nor to anyone less).

The information must be concisely, avoiding generate large lists impossible to analyze. The traditional errors in recent decades have been witnessing that institutions attempting to address the problem of the management of information have made it fundamentally committed three serious errors: information management and knowledge on foundations to.