The Dresses Of The Walls

By changing the dress of the own four walls. Nothing is forever. Also not the wallpaper in your own four walls. But would like to even the wallpaper for a lifetime on the wall? Wallpapers are subject to how the clothing of fashion. So, as we us every year to buy the latest shirts and dresses, the wallpaper industry brings always new clothes for the domestic walls on the market. Soft beige tones go earthy Brown with Mediterranean colours, and sand followed by bouncing red and turquoise.

If tone-in-tone or contrast, the fashion in the flat accents. Who relies on longevity at the wallpaper, should take care but also on the quality. If the cheap shirt does not stand over the second wash, so it is indeed annoying, but the financial loss to GDP. Who but expected from a simple wallpaper, can be well to paper that is light-resistant and washable, which is mostly disappointed. Of course means cheap does not equal poor quality, but for high-quality and durable wallpaper you need in the bag already deeper access or resorting to cheap discontinued patterns. However, the additional costs are more than paying off by long durability and quick wallpaper. Especially in the field of nonwoven wallpaper, the quality differences are enormous. Here it is the quality, the thicker the non-woven backing better.

High-quality non-woven backing at wallpapers touch usually somewhat stiffer. The sisal wallpaper, in the non-woven backing with agave fibers has been strengthened among the most exclusive Flizeline wall-papers. Everyone should be clear that reveal himself to the outstanding properties of nonwoven wallpaper only with high-quality products to the full extent. Who wants it particularly hard-wearing in hallway, kitchen or bathroom or in lounge or bedroom very noble wants to choose a flat vinyl wallpaper. The wallpaper, which is also known as compact vinyl wallpaper or satin wallpaper, is even resistant to abrasion. Their is relatively resistant to damage in contrast to the vinyl foam, relatively low structural height. Even if the love Little its creative phase at the Miss wallpaper, she perseveres. No matter whether on paper or non-woven backing, the surface withstand the wallpaper. Also, flat vinyl wallpapers have an extraordinary color intensity, which is hardly possible in other types of wallpaper. Depending on the structure, they also have a fine, soft gloss, which earned them the name satin wallpaper. The major renovation is in the spring, you should worry before about, how fast you want to paper and how long to keep the wall tiling. Because the dress for the wall is not so quickly changed as the summer dress, quality is the be-all and end-all. Only with the right quality, the apartment wearing her prettiest dress long. Lyricist lounge