The Buufabu Are There Now And Make Your Dreams Come True!

The Buufabu, the little creatures of desire from the Moon, making the rounds, pretty much fix to spread joy, and now there is already a new highlight. After it’s already limited prints on are to be ordered, has Konzepterin Steffi brand village come up again a great special, to shorten the waiting time until the appearance of their fairy tale the Buufabu and the wonders of the world. Proudly presents a small, but very fine Buufabu collection, which includes T-Shirts, tshirts, baby bodysuits, baggy spaces and even cups now. But Steffi brand village came up with something special for the offered products. The Buufabu collection is purely organic article? So articles that are really free from harmful materials and colours.

The selection in the shop is growing daily at why Steffi brand village so much emphasizes the well-tolerated products, is easily explained: you has experience with pieces of clothing, in which after the colors (also for high-quality articles) Traces left behind several laundry still on the body and even allergies triggered in part I would like to spare the children and for this reason the Buufabu only on products can be seen, which are really well tolerated for the skin., so Steffi brand village. She will internationalize the shop of course soon, because your goal is that the Buufabu give pleasure everywhere in the world, and to promote alternative therapies with a portion of the revenue. On the homepage is now also a lot. As a children’s Forum will be created now shortly there with the help of Nabil Chaoui, a fellow programmer from Morocco. The next special but still secret, says Steffi, but it is worth to visit the page now regularly does something where children find joy every day..