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Art Deco

In the following years consolidating its position as an artist to produce his most notable paintings, including self driving a green Bugatti will provide recognition (in addition to many commissions), as a portraitist. In 1933 she married Baron Raoul Kuffner, who is also its greatest collector and dealer. Eyeing the hard times that predicted the Nazi threat moves to the United States in 1939 where in addition to rubbing shoulders with the elite of society and great film artists at his home in Beverly Hills, made successful exhibitions in New York and San Francisco, her daughter Kizette meets with them at this time and little later marries an American geologist. The brightness of the career of Tamara de Lempicka fades gradually, try a revival in the early 60 without success since the incursion of this icon of Art Deco in abstract painting, in vogue in those years, is a resounding failure of deep emotional consequences, to the point of taking a decision to abandon painting, this must be added the death of her husband in 1962 leaving it definitely devastated by what the next year moved his residence from New York to Houston where she lives with her daughter and her family. Perhaps nothing or very little is known about these years, except for how difficult it makes life for her daughter and family, this being a quiet period until 1973 is organizing a retrospective of his work in Paris on relocating the table as one of the great artists of the twentieth century, in 1974, already ill, he moved to Cuernavaca where he died in 1980 and where, fulfilling the will of his mother, Kizette spread his ashes on Pococatepetl volcano summit … Many miles from here in my house, leaning against the wall of the room waiting for me a woman with blond hair that seems sculpted chisel blows, with its soft white skin and luscious lips in deep crimson, sleeping peacefully to entertain expected, an extraordinary example of the ambiguous sensuality that defined the art of divine Tamara..