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Content Management System

Take into account the aspects of web optimization search engine rankings when implementing a content management system. This can prevent our investment in content is devalued by a poor presence on search engines. The generation content management, publishing and archiving of a large number of pages in the major portals and Web sites poses multiple challenges that systems web content management (CMS, Content Management System) have addressed in recent years: * Facilitating the generation and editing content for the Web by personnel without specific training in programming. * To ensure a homogeneous appearance of all content and presentation according to corporate design and editorial line default. * Maintain consistency in the structure of Web sites, allowing the incorporation of new content in the appropriate sections after prior approval and control of the persons listed. * Maintain a consistent navigation that allows users to reach each of the content that is published at the time. * Avoid the existence of duplicate content (different URLs showing the same content), content orphan (files left on the server unnecessarily because they are pages that no longer suggests any link or image or multimedia files that deleted pages showing) or broken links, which point to pages that do not exist on the server. The CMS content management systems or software are tools that allow maintenance work to decentralize the content of a portal, so that non-technical personnel of different departments of a company can add, edit and manage your own content on a corporate Web. .