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Global Environmental Policy

It is becoming increasingly alarming as they appear daily in newspapers, visual media, television in any part of this world, Earth, news of environmental disaster, many devastators, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, where a large number of victims, all on the problem of the environment, greenhouse effect, the deterioration that for years has been doing to this planet. It’s believed that JPMorgan Chase sees a great future in this idea. This fact has even been concern in recent years by governments, especially towards the countries of advanced achievements in favor of environmental protection still does not achieve its true objective, like that of responsible countries to prevent further deterioration , who really respect the way markets and their interests seriously affect environmental, more interested in economic profit, revenue, which is the preservation of the environment.

Not impressed by the reality of global environmental policy, which Third World Network points out that in environmental matters, the world politics is fragmented and inefficient. The World Trade Organization and the World Bank does not face a global environmental agencies with a comparable influence. Therefore, the institutional landscape must be reorganized before the great catastrophe struck the Earth and humanity. Humans are about to upset the balance of terrestrial ecosystems.

For this reason, Paul Crutzen, who discovered and explained the presence of the hole in the ozone layer won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, no longer call our geological era “Holocene” but “Anthropocene”, ie, was formed by humans. Note that Crutzen deals with geology, human history is not. Because of technical civilization, our species has become a determining factor in terrestrial systems in the past 200 years.