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Volkswagen Gol

Transversality is one of the key success of reggae: it’s me a bricklayer, a striper, a Professor of art history, or a big brother participant, if I go to a place and am well received, undoubtedly querre back. And this move includes much more than those who rejects. The core of the argento-Jamaican hearing are the hard rastamanes, those who know perfectly well who was Haile Salassie I, who buy vinyls of rocksteady, which in a single roast come a massacre of poor animals. This small but militant group known to be the more dogmatic, and look at changes to his around with some misgivings: who say reggae artist but apart from the most pure there will be little less than succumbed to the temptations of Babylon. It was about gathering a significant mass of people that is interiorized in the genre but not adhering to religious precepts / philosophical. This sector of the public knows the cloth, enjoy diving in this mundilo, is often search for new musical experiences (are those that recommend you to culture profetica or Sizzla, for example) and, above all, follow local groups outside the festivals and major events. Also enters you the ganja, but eats variety and or kicking moves to Africa. And finally this group that gives it its status of mass to the scene: that of occasional visitors.

Here is where the reggae receives world rhythm: just go to a recital of any averagely convoking band for either with people from all the clubs, coexisting in peace without scaring each other. Three dreadlocks hanging out of the fourth ring of Saturn, to less than a meter of five owners of Volkswagen Gol tuned cars and their blond girlfriends. At a reggae show, nobody at odds, but beyond some that another singer. The scene has look, its principles and its own codes, but argue them not required you to accept yourself, something that usually does not happen in the punk, metal or the rolinguismo (don’t I think? ANDA with a tight pink pants to see Dancing Mood and jibs, and then tell me how you did on each side). And so, if I have fun here and everyone respects me as I am, why not return? and why not invite my friends? The theory of reggae proclaims equality between all the men; the practice applied, in a microcosm, that same concept. Coherencua between the saying and the fact, that if that is new.

Oils Herbs Vinegars

Another very common way of preserving food is in oil or brine. For the latter case, both the containers and lids must be resistant to vinegar, because it corrodes metal and will damage the marinade. Salmon fillets with oil of tarragon grilled beef for roast, marinated in vinegar and oil of oregano, fresh vegetables with butter of fine herbs or fried fish with a spoonful of salsa verde. Read additional details here: SSGA. These and other condiments and sauces of herbs can be converting in majares the easiest dishes to make last spring fragrance of an aromatic garden. The recipe base is extremely simple: there are a few fresh herbs to choose from, as far as possible freshly torn out (for example you can prepare the Vinegars in the field, going to find wild herbs that can be found without difficulty in many forests); It must be cleaned carefully and put them into infusion with a quart of vinegar. Then we seal the bottle and leave in a cool, dark place for 3 or 4 weeks. At last filter with a gauze pad the amount of vinegar that we intend to use immediately and leave dark and tightly closed botalla with the rest of the vinegar of reserve.