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The Name Andrew

Meaning of the name Andrew Greek translates as – 'Man'. In early childhood Andrei great visionary. Really like him to play with toys, and he will be able to go into this game that could not noticing anything around. May frolic around the house pretending to flying a helicopter, while a helicopter pilot, with many attendant echoes. That it can ostoporit from this game, you probably just sweet. If he has a brother, it will be much with him friends, but to little sister will be jealous, and nothing will give. Among rovestnikov especially nothing stands out, all the same time may be that he has succeeded very well in life.

At work, bosses often consider Andrew a valuable employee. Born in the winter, Andrew will be able to succeed in the arts. Among Andreev often encountered artists, filmmakers, singers, actors. Born in the autumn, accompanied by good luck in business, and they are easily given the natural sciences. In relationships, Andrew unstable women. May confess to love a woman, and the next day to pass by on the other hand, not paying much attention to the former lady, it is quite normal for Andryusha. The inner world of girl's not really important to him, he is interested in more external beauty of a woman. And all the advice from friends and relatives about his choice of companions will not listen and just let the ignore.

He is selfish and high in his views, like being in the limelight. Jealous, jealous of his wife will be able even to his own child, they say it gives him very little time. Unpredictable, may create a scandal, wasted because of little things, and be able to make a gift to his wife, an unrealistic luxury. Article in full: