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Zurich Oerlikon

Self storage provider provides free moving vans available from late September to early October it is for many Zurich again: boxes Pack, disassemble furniture, order moving car and move with belongings into the new apartment. MyPlace self”, self storage provider in Zurich, would support this time new selfstorage users when moving. Pacific Mortgage Services may find this interesting as well. During this period, the company has its new customers at two locations in Zurich Oerlikon (Vegastrasse 2, corner hagenholzstrasse 111) and Zurich Wiedikon (Grubenstrasse 28) free vans available. Because experience has shown that it is not so easy to rent a moving truck for these days. New customers can simply call the location, reserve a van and pick up. The free offer is valid while stocks last. Following situation: the long-awaited combination train with a partner or in the first WG is. The joy is great, not the usual place problems were there: where only with the stuff, like the two washing machines, ironing boards or many pots and books? How to make a where even enough space to life remains from two households? Or how it looks in the case, if no basement is one of the beautiful new apartment or it is damp and mildewy? This is not uncommon in large cities.

In the warehouses of MyPlace self”, all things that find no place at home or in the basement can be stored clean, dry and safe. The compartments are to rent from 1-50 square metres in size and already within 2 weeks. Many are looking for a long-term solution, such as the basement out of the House”, others need a short-term and easy storage during the renovation of the House or when, for example, input and extract date clash. The self storage market leader in the German-speaking world sees itself as a service provider for its customers and would like to make as easy as possible the storage of and access to the personal belongings you. On the occasion of the forthcoming appointment of reins can MyPlace new customers as welcome present “take advantage of a very special service and free book a moving van. But there are collaborations with moving companies and rental car services, providing attractive special conditions for all MyPlace customers even during the rest of the year. And if still packaging or boxes are missing for the move, you can purchase these at low cost in the MyPlace shop directly at the site.

MyPlace self”is convenient and easy to reach in any case. The average 1,000 warehouses, storage buildings are centrally located and well connected. The customer enters their personal PIN code at the gate entrance and then take the vehicle directly to the site, where only MyPlace customers have access to the compartments. With the elevators, all items can be brought directly to the compartment, which is locked with its own Castle. Thus has alone the respective owner from 6:00 to 22:00 access to his storeroom. In addition installed cameras for security and from 22:00, a private security guarded the premises. MyPlace self”is now represented with two locations in Switzerland (Zurich), 18 sites in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden) and 8 locations in Austria (Vienna, Graz). Also, 6 more warehouses are in planning or under construction. All branches together offer the 28,000 storage compartments for SelfStorage customers to, in which you can daily store their stuff or pick up again.