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General Motors

What’s good for General Motors is good for America, they said. It has the most wins, the most powerful. Regardless and whoever falls, which have always been the weakest. Attention is drawn to American bankers and financiers with the greed of hedge funds. The plot is stretched to the developed world, impacting on emerging and billions of human beings. The paradigm of General Motors served other giants of the automotive industry that became the industry benchmark.

Gave employment to hundreds of millions of people, directly or indirectly. Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes, Peugeot, Fiat, Honda, Renault, BMW, became the symbol of purchasing power, the borrowing capacity under a false premise: if you have your own home, car and credit card you’re nobody. So spread the housing boom, supported by the greed of bankers who offered loans without regard to the contention caused havoc in the middle environment. There were laws kings wanted to do construction. For centuries it was assumed that the power belonged to kings and nobles, bishops and abbots, landowners and merchants. Existing social order was.

But progress gave prominence to the bourgeois revolution and seized their strength to the powers: Church, Army and moguls to give the impression that everyone had the right to borrow, to pretend and live beyond their means. The new financial and economic powers created false needs enthusiastic and shackled to millions of people in the developed world. If you did not have a mortgage, car, credit card debt is not counted.