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Before purchasing security criteria are to examine the market for bio-ethanol fireplaces is increasingly larger and more complex for the consumers to the same extent. A variety of people already uses the enticing fireplace atmosphere in your own four walls. And every day increases the number of those who want an ethanol fireplace. “But an incorrect purchase decision can mountains hazards for the consumers if the main criterion security” except eight is allowed. For quite some time, various media reports about the dangers of ethanol fireplaces. So also in the current contribution of the ZDF – rotation leave Germany”. Because especially in this mostly cheap models security criteria are not taken into account. This fact and operator error are the main reason for accidents with bio-ethanol fireplaces.

The recent contribution of the ZDF but also shows that the consumer can at home which reach a safe fireplace fun. The Council which is professionals: Before buying the consumer should Intensive test security aspects of the unit. Model Swingline was such an examination by hub Germany”exemplarily represented and shown in reporting an ethanol fireplace, which can offer stability and patented combustion chamber with safety tub behind closed glass fire pleasure without risks. The manufacturer of this device (beefire”) manufactures its products exclusively according to the DIN 4734-1 safety regulations and is certified as one of the first of the TuV Rheinland. Compliance with DIN, including fuel throughput, fire and safety, stability, combustion quality, labelling and packaging, minimizes risks from scratch in.

The domestic ethanol fire enjoyment is possible without dangers unless an intensive view of security took place in the run-up. The consumer should observe the certification according to DIN 4734-1 and see the test report of TuV in case of doubt. For more information about the post and secure bio-ethanol products under ZDFmediathek /… and