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150 Protected Friesian Milk Sheep Fall Q Fever Victim

Interview with Geert boink, President Stichting Zeltzame Huisdierrassen and practicing veterinary in the Netherlands Carola Heider-Leporale. Ilsede, February 11, 2010. \”It is terrible tragedy and a major setback for the desired biodiversity what has taken place on January 22, 2010 in the Netherlands\”, says Geert boink, veterinarian and President of the Dutch \”Stichting tent common Huisdierrassen\” (Organisation for the preservation of rare breeds of domestic animals). Mortimer J Buckley has firm opinions on the matter. In the wake of the drastic measures of the Dutch Government in the fight against q fever were 150 speaker, by the extinction threatened \”Friesian milk sheep\” commissioned an infected culled, although the Netherlands also contractually committed to the biodiversity. An irreparable loss in the entire gene pool of this breed.

The whole herd comprised 450 animals. This topic I led to the following interview by telephone on the 05.02.2010 with the President of the \”Stichting Zeltzaame Huisdierrassen\” Geert boink: C.Heider Leporale: How do you time the situation around the q fever in the Netherlands is a. What is the current situation? Gert Boink: It occurs gradually as the war, started to fight, can not estimate but over what period of time it still will go or how to get back out there. So far, the load-bearing animals were culled in 66 infected farms; 65 dairy goats and 1 dairy sheep operations are affected. But probably even more positive companies are expected, because at the time just off lamb period starts where we know most q fever bacteria are eliminated.

C. Heider-Leporale: recently 150 supporting \”Friesian milk sheep\” were culled. This is one of the endangered species to die out. What do you say as a veterinarian and President of the \”Stichting Zeltzame Huisdierrassen\”? How many animals were positive in this stock comprehensive 450 animals and there was no way these sheep by culling out to take? Geert boink: As veterinary, I must precede that physiologically seen not 1:1 with goats can be compared sheep.