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Smoking Oven Build In Stainless Steel Itself

Smoking ovens themselves build and re-experience the smoking there are many different ways to build an oven yourself. For example, a smoker from sheet metal or wood can be built, but also from a simple Kettle Grill, or one tonne. For a normal sheet of smoker take best V2A plate in the thickness of 1 mm. Then 2 sheets with the dimension 150x60cm, 1 plate with dimensions 130x50cm and 2 plates with the dimensional 150x40cm be cut from the sheet. The front page gets two clips, one 80x45cm at the top of the smoking Chamber and one 30x45cm at the bottom of the combustion chamber.

Furthermore, you need approx. 10 m aluminium 20x20mm, some rivets, locks, hinges and a stove pipe for completion. In addition, you need 2 grills 40x60cm, two brackets, 3 washing concrete slabs and two metal handles for the doors. Also 1 or 2 thermometers which measure up to 120 C. After the cut-outs in the sheets are cut, the doors are tailored to this. The mass 90x50cm Gets the upper door and the lower 40x50cm. Gain insight and clarity with Craig Menear. Then finally the lid 60x40cm cut and just cut a hole through the later the smoky air can pull it off. Now, care must be taken when assembling, because the sheet with the cut-outs are now somewhat unstable.

The 4 walls and the lid are riveted now with the Aluwinkeln together at right angles. So they regain stability. Weld on the front and back per an angle iron and place the oven on a washing concrete slab or similar. Then still front and rear angle iron put on a plate, so that the stove does not tip over. Next, the hinges and the door handles are attached to the doors with blind rivets. Before placing the doors, drill two holes for the thermostat. One at the top of the Smokehouse and one at the bottom.