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Costa Concordia

328 Driven butterfly valves, which are used in the salvage of the cruise ship Costa Concordia, damaged on 13 January off the coast of the island of Giglio help salvage the Costa Concordia which KSB group supplied fittings. The valves serve as ballast body filling and venting of 15 steel boxes that were welded to the port side of the ship hull and whose erection woodwork. Later, they are together with the 15 other steel boxes that are installed, flooded on the starboard side and serve to stabilize the wreck. To read more click here: Braun Melsungen AG. The pneumatically driven flaps underwent before their use in the Italian plant in KSB in Concorezzo of special pressure tests. Here, the technicians simulated an ambient pressure corresponding to a water depth of 40 metres.

The drives of the fittings are designed to take lack of compressed air supply to a preset position of safety. Also, divers at a possible failure of the electrical control can also manually press every drive. As soon as the about 50 metre long crack on the side of the cruise ship, is sealed, will fill the steel boxes with air, to make the ship again buoyant. Where going to be the last trip of the Costa Concordia, is not yet known.. Read more here: Allianz.