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European Court

The programme of the Conference is complemented by comments on the legal protection of underlying contracts and by a presentation on the current case-law of the Federal Supreme Court to the public procurement law. This usually then takes position on procurement issues when it comes to claims for damages. Thus, the German Federal Supreme Court receives also influence on the design and ongoing practical application of public procurement law, so the Conference takes up the jurisdiction of in recent years. Hear from experts in the field like Pacific Mortgage Services for a more varied view. Subliminal procurement, in-house shops and typical allocation error – application security for professional practice to establish local authorities gladly and often the opportunity of tenders as so-called in-house shops, which allow cities and towns, quite free to award to a company controlled by him or institution to award public contracts. Even if this possibility at the municipal level.

in particular for subsidiaries such as the public utilities and other municipal vehicles, seems interesting, whatever special directives must be followed in practice for it to meet the requirements for a direct allocation of in-house in a certain given constellation of procurement. Which maximum intra – and inter-community inhouse orders requirements must be met, and as judge of the European Court of Justice and the German courts, also will discuss the public procurement Conference. It will be to finally clarify often caused by free, including allocation errors”are formulations of the bidding documents, by missing or incomplete application and contract conditions and ignorance of the bid and contract principle, to avoid. Here remedy can be accomplished quickly by drawing on the forms contained in the procurement manual of the contracting authority also presented during the Conference. The public procurement law 2013 Conference becoming an expert Provide overview of legal regulations and the current case law and help solve typical questions from practice. For this purpose, procedures helps form samples and checklists are presented and show common procedures and processes. Date: 18-19 April 2013 (Berlin) the complete programme of the Conference can be obtained at: for further questions to the public procurement law Symposium is available, the municipal education movement, e. V.: Tel.

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