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The new media data 2009 offer a comprehensive insight into the medium cinema Cinema advertising. With the new media data 2009 cinema advertising, advertising film production and media agency Kinospot.de from Baden-Badeneinen offers a comprehensive insight into the medium of cinema. Cinema 2009 include the media data on 20 pages all facts and figures. The media data are now at: mediadaten.html for free available for download. Your sixth edition expanded the media data to the subject of film art cinemas. Film and cinemas offer an alternative to the film offers of the multi – and Cityplexe. There are over 500 program and Filmkunst screens with over 345,000 unique visitors per week in Germany.

Established the arts and Repertory cinemas rely on word of mouth and agreed on the cinema market as a niche”. The production house established for seven years as a classic advertising film production, reacted quickly to the large demand of the agencies and customers according to data Kinospot.de and cinema advertising, already in 2004 appeared the first edition of media data in the classic facts on the subject Workbook format with depositors. Nothing has changed until today only in the format, the content, however, has more than doubled in the last five years and digital output is updated now every three months. The production house Kinospot.de offers the complete technical Postprodutkion of the exposure to the copy creation, as well as the media planning, distribution and circuit of cinema advertising campaigns in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland in addition to the production of high-quality commercials.