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Bia Tannuri

There its poor owner runs the serious risk of being questioned or to turn the center the commentaries of the family and most fond of whom something of very strange is happening with it is not thus, what it will be that had? It must be with some problem and it does not want to speak. For that they do not have this courage or disposal remains to return with the old invisible friends of infancy, whom they will continue to be imaginary, but with usefulness. Therefore he is well more easy to admit that who is with will to make something that you never made, or that she can not please to all, or he is not very politically correct there is its imaginary friend and not you, this are truth. But until point this is valid? Where it is written that we have that to please to the world? What we cannot make a mistake, seno we will be hated and repelled for all the humanity? What the bonzinhos are happyer and go for the sky? the world is perfect by chance? Why to be able to coexist our uncertainties and lack of coherence we have that hiding in them behind our imagination and dissimulating that such feelings do not belong in them, that they are pure illustration of our mind? The life is coherent? Since when? Of who we are in hiding? For who we are lying? How many eus I exist in each, I I do not know. I go to depend on each. But that he has one more than and that they are perfectly reasonable to coexist, exactly being well different I am certain. Of the one not to want to run away from the imagination, the subconscious mind. We can until dissimulating that they do not exist, but of the one not to run away, one day they go catching in them and surprising them. Better to stop a friendly relation in search of a pleasant convivncia..

Carnival Mine

It is carnival To the three hours of the dawn I woke up e, there exactly, in the horizontal line, I initiated a series of respiratory deep. There it are the carnival breaches the homogeneity of the common time, opening the indiferenciado regimen, daily pay-discursivo, necessary to the periodic revigoramento of the telluric fecundidade and to the purificao of the souls. The domestic night, silence, and all the absorbed oxygen testified there that effectively the carnavalidade does not reach me in my space, the perfect place, the only accurate center where, to that hour it touched, me to be. Certification, by the way, superfluous, inasmuch as nobody nor thing some questioned my paradeiro. thus would have followed the existence, was not carnavalesco, tenuous, mortio, but threatening the furtive incursion of one estribilho of the cosmic beatitude segregates that me. Estribilho recollected this: I go to kiss you now, it has not taken me the evil, Today it is Carnival Mine mandala did not filter almost nothing of the emotion that flooded my viscera.

But what is this that me arrebata in my proper sanctuary? In the emergency it helped me the discovering of the ambiguous motivation exhumed by verses. Ambiguous it is little. In the truth the psiquismo was mobilized in diverse fronts: in the contemplation of happy moments, insepultos, of soft perfumes and gentile silhouettes; in the instantaneous qualification of its irreversibilidade; in nostalgia of the ednica freedom and in the rescue of the delights of that one, that estribilho evoked, and of other carnivals. Antemanh, perhaps coed-opt for unborn dreams, adormeci. I woke up with the bells of the chapel.

To this new sonorous incursion mandala radicalized, blocking all the tickets diurnas. I came back then to sleep. I dreamed. The dreams still were there.


For Gratitude If Dies Today one esteem friend of the university postou me curious message: An image of the world supporting the pain of our beliefs, that, as the cold steel of any razor, opened it esteems throughout its crust. So soon I perceived, I firmly made use myself to think the message of that one efgie formidable; The reason for which that one Sir me had postado a message bringing, as intriguing content, that stranger image. in order better to think, I looked ampler reflection. I did not think the content; I did not become to see the religion as the cause of the wounds of the world. It is clearly that alone of religion man does not become. Also the science of the promising days is part of this, that, in the measure where it discovers the world drowned in proper blood, still seems to want that good eternity of that if it dreams in the dawn alone of each day.

E NASA, at last, asks for aid: To the confines of our system, it goes there plus an object of the human delirium. Mission? Desvelar not yet the visa. It is little. It lacks to inform, for as much trifling details, of where that humanity in sounding lead form appeared. Somebody thought to be friendly the ones that with it to be come across? Perhaps there case another one where science progressed again through the dullness.

Yes. That the humanity cannot wait. the man has life haste. Knowing and the certainty of the so remote truth that the insanely improper action if saw, in the urgency, covered of some form of prudence always walks s. In the speech of the sacred faith, it has more logical aberrations that ilibadas divine and perpetual wonders. According to Nietzsche, the invention of the other made of this, sin.