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The Gasmar

(Inzunza, 1996).This industry generates gaseous waste, liquids and solids, all of them in large volumes, which requires specialized treatments, in order to minimize the risks to the environment, in all its expressions, is exposed with these wastes. (Lopez, 1997) GASMAR: The project began in the 1990s, Santiago, GASCO gas consumers company, he decided to have a supply of liquefied gas complementary to ENAP and shopping spot to Argentina. For this purpose GASCO and Cosmos shipping companies formed the company GASMAR; the subsidiary it faced the draft, which was negotiated with Oxiquim partial lease of its maritime concession in Windows, and the grounds for placing the plant storage. The Gasmar terminal consists of unloading equipment located in the end of the spring of Oxiquim, and the plant’s storage and distribution, installed South of the smelter ENAMI. From the pier, the gas is driven up to two large ponds for storage, one of 20,000 m2 for propane, and another 10,000 m2 of butane. (Inzunza; 1996) Raw materials receiving GASMAR, propane and butane are transported by land and by sea and must be considered as dangerous materials in this same activity as well as its subsequent handling for the manufacture of commercial mixtures (Lopez; 1997) ENAP: refineries Aconcagua is installed with a wharf or port for crude oil.

For this purpose built storage tanks of fuel (in a safe place), the chosen area, it was the Bay of Quintero-Ventanas.The company is the largest producer of the VOC in the commune of Quintero type pollutants. (Arevalo et all; 2003) PORT Windows S.A.: A foreign company whose main shareholders, Germans and Spaniards, were awarded the entirety of port facilities.The loading and unloading of copper concentrate involve the manipulation of this, not only through belts of transport but also for handling cranes, with exposure to the action of the wind. The possibility of falling to the sea and consequent pollution of sediments is obvious, what makes recommended the installation of protection system to prevent fugitive dust.

KAYAK Europe: Manuel Posch Is

KAYAK Europe occupied new position of Managing Director Germany, Austria and Switzerland with Manuel Posch responsibility for swoodoo Munich, 28 February 2013 further expansion in the German-speaking markets: KAYAK Europe creates the Office of the Managing Director for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland as of 1 March 2013 and filled them with tourism and E-Commerce expert Manuel Posch. He will be responsible for the further development of KAYAK.com and the brand swoodoo.com in the German-speaking markets. The 40-year-old will report to Dr. Christian Saller, who is responsible for the Pan-European business. Manuel Posch has extensive knowledge in the airline industry and online tourism. Most recently he worked for the travel portal HolidayCheck and launched online sales for hotel and travel packages products in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland as head of Commerce.

Before Manuel Posch acted at the Internet portal ebookers as head of product for all three German-speaking markets. He had begun his career in different sales positions with British Airways, as well as on sale at L ‘ TUR. “We managed, with Manuel Posch a proven E-commerce specialist with tourism expertise for this new position to win”, commented Dr. Christian Saller, Managing Director, Europe, by KAYAK. “” He brings extensive knowledge of the markets and Manuel Posch complemented the expansion in this region of significance for us significantly advance. “KAYAK is a very interesting and emerging companies, o’ceidigh an absolute top brand”.

Germany is the most important market on the European continent for KAYAK and I’m looking very forward still continues to drive the success story.” About KAYAK KAYAK allows to search travel free of charge on the Internet and via Smartphone and organize. KAYAK’s search engine compares information from hundreds of online rice intermediaries, carriers and operators on the Internet. The travel management service by KAYAK (KAYAK.com/trips) makes it possible booking confirmations various providers at one click to make a clear itinerary together. There are local KAYAK Web sites in 14 countries, including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, India and Spain. Free applications of KAYAK is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone. The leading search engine for flights and hotels, an independent travel search engine for flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises and package tours in Austria, Germany and checkfelix.com include KAYAK swoodoo. For more information: Dr. Christian Saller KAYAK Europe GmbH Limmatquai 2 CH-8001 Zurich KAYAK