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Universe Substance

We also know that> all the existing bodies in the Land, as well as all the existing ones in the Universe have a common characteristic: They are constituted by substance. What it differentiates all the bodies of the Universe therefore is the type of substance, that is, the concentration of each existing different element in the nature and also in its state. The states of the substance are five: solid, liquid, gaseous, plasma and absolute zero. For even more analysis, hear from Berkshire Hathaway. The first state of the substance is the solid state. When the substance if finds in the solid state, it has a defined form, and independently of the container where it will be placed, the substance will keep its form. We go to think for example about an automobile: independently of the car to be in the garage or an opened field, its volume will be the same for both the cases.

For a liquid however, already we have different reactions, the liquid as well as the solid possesss a constant volume and fixed, being very complicated its compression or expansion, however its form depends solely on the container where it is contained. If for example we will have one liter of water inside of a container very great to pass this water for a container where liter only fits, the volume of the container total will be filled and liter of water will leak for is of it, however the total volume of water will continue being of 1 liter. In the case gases, we have another type of behavior: the gases do not have defined form, and both its form and its volume are defined by the container that contains the gas. If we will have for example a steel bulb with two atmospheres of pressure in its interior and suddenly to reduce the volume of the bulb for the half, of form that its area also is reduced by the half, we have that the force is equal to the pressure on area, resulting as soon as the new pressure will reach the double of the value, and if now to quadruplicate the volume of the bulb, the gas will come back to all occupy the volume with a lesser pressure four times.

The Ulcers

It opens its heart and if it fulls of a simple ones, but deep word of the part Mr. Jesus. QUEM WAS NAAM? It is not known very on the life of Naam beyond what the bible tells in them, then thus we know that this man was a great general of the Army of the king of the Syrian, according to some studies, the Naam name means ' ' child meiga' '. It also had a family, therefore the bible is emphatical in citing loved its, without mentioning its name, and if it was general and he was married, we can assume that also it had children. As general, Naam had conquered many victories for its King, was famous, much known in its land, respected and honored man. Also it had many wealth. I imagine that its house was well similar to a palace, had the great wealth that possua, thus had many employees, who took care of of its belongings. This age Naam. Although vision of the others was a successful man in the life according to, inside of itself in the Naam truth he was a frustrated man, therefore we see above in the text that this great general was leprous and the leprosy did not have cure proven in those times, and if you do not know this you are a very castigante illness therefore the ulcers you came gradually in the different parts of the body, the hair you fell, sobrancelhas you disappear, the nails amolecem and fall and later the fingers of the hands and the feet apodrecem and fall, the gengivas are contracted and the teeth disappear, the eyes, the nose, the language, little by little they disappear envotos in terrible wounds. But one day, already more not aguentando to see the suffering of its lady, a girl who was a slave and in the house Mr.