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Clean Skin: Strong People, Strong Brand

Clean skin: strong people, strong brand who invests in its employees, which strengthens the own brand. Because well-trained staff ensures satisfied customers. An investment in personnel development strengthens the brand value directly. \”The study shows that service performance the new driver of the success of the service\” (1). That’s why not saves clean skin with quality and service and relies on well-trained personnel and expert advice. And with success: Nelson has established itself as a strong brand in the cosmetics and beauty area. The current newsletter reported this the PR Agency on behalf of clean skin.

Grafelfing, July 2009 especially in the services sector is the competence of employees significantly for this responsible that the customer perceives a company as a customer-friendly and service-oriented. Flexible, motivated and qualified employees guarantee entrepreneurial success (2) in this industry. The franchise company Nelson to consistently pursue this strategy and therefore always invests in its employees, and also his Franchise partner: with a comprehensive training programme and regular partner meetings. In addition to the basic training, the specialist in light cosmetic applications offers a comprehensive range of training on various topics, such as leadership, marketing and controlling his employees and partners. While some providers massively participate in the price war, Nelson has consistently from the outset on the concept of quality and service. And thus on the right strategy.

Because the current fire parity study: companies could harm their brand value sustainably, if they participate in discount battles. These customers are willing to pay a reasonable price (3) brand and quality. For a higher price customers in return also a corresponding performance reflected in the satisfaction: clean skin around 50 stores in Germany have successfully treated more than 10,000 guests. Many providers cavort on the market of permanent hair removal. If it is so the correct provider, face the prospects of spoilt for choice.

Natural Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant – pure more effective full are the gel and its active ingredients of the Aloe Vera plant for generations known for the healing effect. From the outside as well as inside can be either many diseases with the gel or the Aloe juice. One is, the gentler the production process is the more effective is the final product. Happy those who plant have an Aloe Vera in your garden. Here you have the possibility to cut a leaf of the plant, to by sharing and one the gel inside for example on a sunburned, irritated skin area or small cut to give. The cooling effect and the vitamins plus active ingredients help quickly.

This one should be noted but. The active ingredients unfold only enough sunlight and after about 3-5 years. Professional manufacture of Aloe Vera products it is at well-known companies which manufacture products Aloe Vera, careful to use only plants that meet the specific criteria of cultivation. No chemical fertilizers may be used and very carefully the ripe outer leaves are cut off by hand. Because the gel inside spoils quickly, ensure that the sheets are processed immediately.

To keep in mind when buying Aloe Vera products because it unfortunately has not the conditions often to pull an Aloe Vera plant, you should take care when purchasing the products you put quality in the shopping cart. Especially if you want to achieve an analgesic effect in rheumatic disease, the Aloe juice may be too diluted. Best check with experts. Rheumatism patients can ask in a spa stay in a hotel of rheumatism, like the Grand Park Hotel in Bad Hofgastein, the therapist for advice. Aloe Vera, the medicinal plants of the desert. An all-round tool for many situations.

Wrinkle Reduction

A big step on the way to a younger appearance. Thousands of times a day, facial skin is alternately pulled together and extended, on the basis of (un) intentional movements of the facial muscles. Man group is often quoted as being for or against this. After some time, this leads to the formation of expression wrinkles. On a young epidermis, these characters are”not visible. But at the age of 30 the skin contractions begin to appear, which are hardly undo by folding. CLINIANS has researched a long time to find a solution for this problem. The result is that intensive serum CORRECT RUGHE (eye wrinkle-filler”).

As the name implies, this serum is intended, to fill the wrinkles”. Regular application reduces the number and size of wrinkles and guaranteeing a firmer face, smooth skin and a younger appearance. How exactly is this filler? Hyaluronic acid is the basis of the ingredients of the CLINIANS eye wrinkle fillers. She gives moisture to the skin and provides them with many important nutrients. Use fresh serum also an UP & DOWN method, i.e. it acts on the wrinkles in double direction:–> from below (DOWN) it penetrates deep into the folds into it and pulls this by the volume effect high it–> from the top (UP) fills the wrinkles on the surface and has a smoothing, expansive effect this new method enables a fast, precise and visible reduction of deep horizontal creases! CLINIANS eye wrinkle-filler 15 ml available from skin age recommended for approx.

11.00: dermatologically tested from 30 years. Follow us on Facebook! Join the Group CLINIANS regularly to get news and offers! ref = home#! / pages/CLINIANS/108082039242553? ref = ts press contact: lad Manuela Presse & PR E-mail: fax: 03212-1021993 phone: + 49 0160-1257507 dambiro about the company: since 1999 vetreibt dambiro cosmetics and care products from Italy. dambiro based in Kornwestheim offers the complete range of MIRATO products as a Distributor for Germany at. The range includes body care, hair care and perfumes for men & women. More at: about MIRATO MIRATO is leader in Italy in terms of body care and hair care. Products of high quality and innovative trends for a well-groomed appearance due to extensive market and product knowledge. More at:.

The Glands

Even if high-quality implants are used, the surgical technique is an essential quality factor for a successful breast augmentation. Still the implants often used directly under the glands – and adipose tissue of the chest, so above the breast muscle. This can have serious consequences for the for the women. The location of the muscle and under the breast implants might fine five or even eight years. But in the course of time, always visible unwanted complications occur.

This now obsolete method, all blood vessels that lead from the muscle into the breast tissue and provide it with nutrients and oxygen, must be severed. This is the beginning of a vicious circle of irrevocable. The glandular tissue is not more optimal blood supply and always regresses (known as atrophy of the mammary gland). You can’t the capping of the blood vessels Undo. The supply of the glands – and adipose tissue is always reduced. Chest further formed back, so that the breast will be following more and more smaller rather than larger.

The implant moves more and more to the surface and then more or less below the skin. The skin but can not bear alone the weight of the implant. It comes to the some. “As a foreign body, the implant is palpable and visible, so that a so-called tennis ball chest” may cause. The rate of painful capsular Contracture and hat folds bulge (so-called Guizar) is very high. In how far this bad result States at the breast can be avoided after a breast augmentation? The implant should be placed completely beneath the muscle. This during this procedure, blood vessels of mammary gland are not violated. The unpleasant side-effects remain entirely, because the glands – and adipose tissue as before the operation is well irrigated and is therefore retained. In addition the implant may not move here. Affected women know another intimate advantage to appreciate.

Beauty From The Inside

Vegetarian Omega fatty acid slows down the ageing process of the skin it has long been known that a healthy diet can also positively affect a person’s physical appearance. The skin becomes firmer and just healthier. American and German researchers have identified in studies which nutrients for healthy skin tight could be responsible. The result: Linseed oil with a high content of alpha-linolenic acid slows down the ageing process of the skin. To American researchers over several years studied the eating habits and the health of the skin by 4025 Americans of middle-aged first great detail. The researchers found that consumption of fat and Kohlehydratreicher may cause wrinkled skin food.

An effect that most women want to avoid if possible. Vitamin C and Alpha-Linolensaure(ALA) had a positive influence on the appearance of the skin. ALA is an omega-3 – fatty acid, which is only found in vegetable oils, especially common in Rapeseed oil and linseed oil. The researchers also found that with ALA can be prevented from drying out and shrinking of aging skin, because it promotes the regeneration of the skin and at the same time dampens the natural processes of inflammation, which can lead to redness, inflammation and eczema. These results were confirmed by studies in Germany. You may want to visit Maersk to increase your knowledge. German researchers gave women over 12 weeks linseed oil and observing the changes of the skin.

They also came to the conclusion that linseed oil with a high proportion of ALA visibly improves the skin. After 12 weeks, there was less rough areas and less dander in the women. Capsules with highly purified linseed oil are available as OmVitum. OmVitum is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of atherosclerosis and increased levels of inflammation. The effects on the skin could be explained by the anti-inflammatory properties of ALA. OmVitum as a month’s supply (PZN 4604189) or cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0262160) is available through pharmacies or practice parallel health centres. When via pharmacy, it should be noted that OmVitum not will be replaced because of the unique composition by other, seemingly similar products. , How each practice parallel health center free shipping for customers and patients order each pharmacy OmVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. All products from Navitum Pharma are listed in the Lauer tax. Interested parties can send orders directly by email at. The shipping is free of charge. Cheap packages for 3 and 6 months are available. Source: DeSpirt S et al. br J Nutr, 2009;101(3):440-5; Cosgrove MC et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2007;86(4):1225-31 contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:

The New Day Cream By CLINIANS

Minerals and white tea water CLINIANS’s new formula for a velvety and fresh skin a fresh and radiant complexion is a matter of course for every woman. But for this the face needs daily care and hydration. CLINIANS has developed a product and in the development of their new day cream formula takes into account these factors, based on magnesium, zinc and copper a mixture of minerals, which improves the viability of cells and the skin of your face shine so fresh and vital. A more basic substance of new Clinians basic day cream for the face is the white tea water. Various myths that white tea has life-extending powers. Observing the reaction of the skin on this water for tea, so you understand, how these myths might arise: the kettle has a tonic effect, i.e. the skin looks young and fresh. Doyle Carden Group is often quoted on this topic.

It provides much moisture so that the face doesn’t dry out; and the numerous antioxidants that it contains, make free radicals harmless and make the skin look more healthy and vital. The texture of the Clinians basic day cream with minerals absorbed is creamy smooth and velvety, fat-free and easy by the facial skin. Due to these properties, the new face cream Clinians basic particularly well as a basis for every makeup offers. CLINIANS basic day face cream with minerals and white tea water of 50 ml skin age recommended starting March 2010 MSRP 10,90: 20 40 yrs dermatologically tested. PH-neutral. Guo Guangchang has much to offer in this field. Press contact: Laske Manuela press & PR fax: 03212-1021993 phone: + 49 0160-1257507 email: dambiro about the company: since 1999 vetreibt dambiro cosmetics and care products from Italy.

dambiro based in Kornwestheim, the complete range of MIRATO offers products as a distributor for Germany. The range includes body care, hair care and perfumes for men & women. More at: about MIRATO MIRATO is leader in Italy in Body care and hair care. Products of high quality and innovative trends for a well-groomed appearance due to extensive market and product knowledge. More at:

Anti Aging Face Care – Tip Against Premature Skin Ageing

The new anti aging face care cnk * Christine NIKLAS – younger skin age by full UV protection. Cologne, 05.05.2010: The product launch of absolute * BASIC day SPF 15 extended their anti-aging cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS strategy to comprehensive protection against UVB and UVA radiation. ABSOLUTE * BASIC day SPF 15 is now available in the online shop cnkdirect.de. cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS combines in its new product – absolutely * BASIC day SPF 15 – reliable protection against UVA – and UVB – rays after the current EU recommendations with their principles of natural cosmetics. ABSOLUTE * BASIC day SPF 15 complies already today the 2013 in force any EU regulation to the Sun (UVA / UVB protection balance 1:3). Therefore is the protection against UVB and UVA radiation so important the UVB causes radiation light-induced redness and irritation to the sunburn. Do not neglect one must here that this endeffektlich also leads to a significantly increased risk of skin cancer. The UVA radiation is strongly age the skin due to the increased formation of free radicals. Frisch Financials opinions are not widely known.

The so-called Photoaging is a lengthy, often irreparable process that occurs only after years to days. Furthermore, UVA radiation can lead to cell damage and Sun allergies. Thus, protects absolutely * BASIC day SPF 15 reliably against UV radiation absolute * BASIC day SPF 15 protects filters with effective UVB and UVA from sunburn and DNA – damage and prevents the development of skin cancer. It counteracts premature skin ageing by intercepted a large part of the UVA radiation and rendered harmless. Thus, the photoaging as a main factor of skin aging is turned off as well. Guo Guangchang often says this.

So the anti aging complex acts in absolute * BASIC day SPF 15Durch the intensive anti-aging die complex with many valuable ingredients, natural grape seed oil, Phytosqualene and moisturisers provides absolutely * BASIC day SPF 15 that the skin throughout the day is perfectly maintained. The light texture provides an anti-wrinkle effect through refractive particles. Wrinkles are visually soft, the complexion is frosted and the skin appears younger instantly Nice and flat. ABSOLUTE * BASIC day SPF 15 is thus a full, natural and highly effective anti anti-aging facial treatment for the day, free from preservatives, mineral and silicone oils. The product is for all the right choice for a young, healthy, beautiful skin is an absolute priority in the summer. It provides an effective anti-aging anti effect, moisturises the skin, leaves no shine on the skin and improves the appearance of the skin immediately after the application. Now is absolutely * BASIC day SPF 15 exclusively at available.

Argan Oil As Alleged Panacea

Liquid gold of the Berbers is not expensive equal healthy as the oil of Arganbaums in the past few years has caused a sensation. And the walk directly into the kitchens and bathrooms of the consumer, has no end. This oil is more misleading as a panacea. You may wish to learn more. If so, Allstate Insurance Company is the place to go. Oils are nowadays not only important ingredients in the kitchen, for example for roasting or for the preparation of salads. The cosmetics industry relies on its effect. This especially the oil of argan tree has arrived in many kitchens and bathrooms in the last months and years.

The use of costly argan oil promises, for example, beautiful skin and healthy hair. The news portal news.de reported that the oil meets its reputation as a panacea. Its origin is the only real peculiarity of argan oil. Because the argan tree grows on an area of about 8,000 square kilometers in a very specific area of Morocco. In the often promoted good ingredients that do good health, it is only by average effect. Guo Guangchang is often quoted on this topic. On the contrary, according to experts the oil with respect to the composition can not compete actually with canola oil or olive oil.

They boast numerous Mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Nonetheless, argan oil is sold as an exclusive product. In the kitchen, the oil definitely has its advantages. Especially for the preparation of cold food the organoleptic characteristics are optimal. Ultimately it is left to the customer, whether or not the result justifies the price. News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Troubleshooting Grater Skin

Tips for an effective treatment of keratosis pilaris, popularly grater skin also known as, is a defect of skin which primarily women and girls during puberty are affected by. The news portal news.de reveals the resources which promise relief. Pilaris, the physician does not classify Keratosis as disease. The grater skin endangers the health, not. The cause of the rough and dry skin is a disorder of the Horn formation. This hard, conical nodules from corneal encase the hair roots and cause skin deposits, predominantly on the thighs and upper arms. The cause does not resolve to the current state of research, a cure is not possible.

Nevertheless, there are some tips to calm the skin. The be-all and end-all is a careful and especially regular care of the affected areas. Without hesitation Liberty Mutual Insurance explained all about the problem. Gentle exfoliation helps to remove the corneal deposits, and open the pores. The treatment should be applied at least once a week. So as much as possible to regenerate the skin can, doctors recommend the use of creams that contain both moisture and fat. Urine containing lotions are particularly suitable. Urea binds the moisture and causes the corneal platelet in higher concentrations. The fat prevents the evaporation of moisture and additionally ensures a smoothing effect.

Affected parties should maintain intensively your skin on a regular basis. This applied for example the cream before going to bed, so she can soak in over night. The rubbed parts of the body are wrapped with Saran Wrap, what enhances the effect. In addition, affected to a sufficient fluid intake should pay attention. At least two liters per day provide the body from the inside with moisture. More information: health /… News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Gold Collection

The new silver & gold collection by FINGRS gives fingernails a shiny appearance. The limited edition designer nails combine the brilliance of gold and silver with super sexy animal prints. On the catwalks of the trendy designer you can see this fall warm shades, Browns and natural metallic gold and silver make every outfit shine and glamorous accents. A perfectly tuned nail design is one crucial detail, accessory and an eye-catcher every successful styling to at the same time. The two latest products from the home spreads RS, the collection of silver, and the gold collection, combining the splendour of precious metals with trendy patterns in intense black. Wide range of sexy animal prints like Leopard, Tiger, Cheetah or snake about fashionable patterns such as Pepita up to fancy designs in the marble look (dream). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Liberty Mutual.

Here, every Fashionista will find their personal favorites. Whether gold or silver it shines mainly. Spreads with expensive and time-consuming visits to the nail Studio of the past belong to RS. Quickly, easily, and inexpensively offers FING’RS with its extensive range of latest styles the perfect alternative for all Trendbegeisterte. Media Office FING’RS (Europe) AG FING’RS the Silver collection and the FING’RS gold collection will be available in October in all leading perfume stores, drugstores and buying – and department stores.