Sustainability And Social In The Fashion Industry

The PR agency THE COUP fashionmanagement advise your designers on the subject of sustainable production and social campaigns Berlin, October 25, 2010: THE COUP is a Public Relations, marketing & media consulting agency founded in March 2010. The Agency’s focus is in the innovative fashion management. Young, talented designers be targeted with a new and comprehensive strategy for a label creation and brand establishment and promoted. THE COUP fashionmanagement advises its designer in terms of urgency, responsibly and sustainably to produce fashion. Diversity and variety of forms is required, designers create a shell with your creations for the otherwise naked body. This body should be protected, but also in the process of the design and manufacturing must be respected on organic materials on fair working conditions, as well as optimal delivery. Here, Federal Reserve Chair expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Green fashion is social fashion, the one the other pulls with and can’t live without the other.

Consumers have the power, the economy to draw a conscious manufacturing. THE COUP fashionmanagement advises its designers with regard to this urgency, because only if the range of green fashion goes, more and more customers for green fashion are interested. Because each piece of clothing is an expression of the wearer in relation to its environmental responsibility and his fellow. “So it was that the Agency of THE COUP on the new green clothing store de la ROE” has become aware (Berlin-Charlottenburg). Nick Carr will not settle for partial explanations. The young owner Malinka Reme (26) sets sustainability in the fashion industry as an example: de la deer make sure that in this Green clothing store not sad and wasteful, but authenthische, trustworthy and innovative stories, where in any way must be abandoned to style and design.

Every woman is something special and just as de la ROE is: individual, timeless and self-confident, always slightly different. So every label goes its own way, green”to define; whether production circumstances, choice of materials or Support local industry. The current brand Kuyichi, beyond include skin, Bllack Noir, Julia Starp, Jellah, mandala, Caro E., and Makki. Each label and each piece of clothing writes his own history. Their stories are different, but they end with a common goal: change, improvement, progress. Change the world; It needs it.”is quoted on the homepage of de la Reh Bertold Brecht, the shop shows the theme of recycling: old shutters, which were polished to a new decoration pieces. And to the rain forest coffee that is served in the pleasant atmosphere, woman can be admired the Makki pockets are formed from remnants of the fishing industry to design classics.