Stair Railings

Manufacture stair railings (railings), stainless steel explains how and practical properties and aesthetic considerations of the plan. Stainless Steel – versatile. The performance of stainless were superior to all available materials. Stability of stainless steel to weather and temperature changes is well known. No trees, no plastic or ordinary steel in these conditions will not last long. Of metals for the manufacture of stair railings (railings) is sometimes still use the brass, but this material is quite expensive, difficult to process and requires constant care. Plated (chrome) steel is not as durable over time in joints coating is scratched, and then begins to rust.

It is impossible not to draw attention – chrome (nickel) steel – not stainless steel! Fences, chrome-plated steel is much (if not more) and worse appearance and in performance than the stair railings made of stainless steel. Specific equivalent in reliability fences (railings), stainless steel can be forged railings, wrought-iron fence but not fit in every interior, looks quite cumbersome and require a very thorough coverage protective equipment, such as special coatings. Yes, and wrought iron fence put mostly indoors. Stair same enclosure made of stainless steel are used both outside and inside of objects. Stainless steel is in perfect harmony in the fence (the railing) to lestinits with glass (filled), wood (as a rule – the rail).

"Completion" – that is what is between the handrail and stair treads. A few words about the elements stair railings. Handrail – something for which we keep going down or up the stairs.