Stainless Steel

You have purchased acrylic bathtub. Of course – the perfect choice. But a small problem remains, and is as follows – since the bath has an arched shape is not clear on what and how to hang a curtain. And if not blind – it wet floor after taking a bath is not only unpleasant but also vobschem is not safe. Yes, you can buy so-called sliding plastic or glass curtains (doors), but they are far too cumbersome and poorly ventilated bathroom will be … What to do? Our group, more than ten years on the plumbing, modern equipment and a specially developed technological scheme produces rods (arc) of stainless steel for all models acrylic baths and showers, including the following most famous producers – RAVAK, BAS, RADOMIR, KOLPA-SAN, AQUATEK, BellRado, TRITON, ACRIL-DES, CLEAN-LINE, RIHO, Aquatic, RELISAN, AKVA, TEIKO, BACH, total more than 150 models of acrylic bathtubs.

Eaves strictly comply with the bending of the bath concrete model, ie form an arc cornice (external side) for acrylic baths 1600h1600 “Wood” from BAS differs from that of the cornice for “Ahava” from AQUATEK or “Marshall” from BellRado. Each model has its own template, or “Copy” to make the cornice It was under this model the bath. Only in some models of the cornice line of the bend is different from the bending of the bath, but as the cornice is made so that it is slightly inside a bathroom and a blind soft spray does not fall to the floor. Eaves (arc) for the bathroom are made of polished stainless steel o25mm, wall thickness o1, 0mm. Includes fasteners – two flange with four holes for the screws (usually use two holes in the vertical – is quite enough and the tiles once again not to drill, flanges are included in the carrier pipe arch for blind interference fit – no gaps, respectively, no sagging, the design of the cornice light and absolutely rigid), two laths (reflectors) o70mm, installation (photo bottom of page). Install eave does not require any special building skills, and made their own. If you have a repair is completed, then there is absolutely no need to keep a team of plumbers to install the cornice.

Our rails for bathtubs and shower stalls well proven equipment for plumbing hotels, water parks, fitness and shopping centers. Put in the bathrooms of hotel rooms, sanitary facilities, sliding curtains of plastic or glass – unreasonably expensive, technically difficult (installation, fitting and sealing profiles), and most importantly, short-lived. When operating the sliding blinds down very quickly out rollers, the guides tend to become clogged, it is necessary to carry out the replacement. Installation of cornices (arcs for the Blind) solves these problems. The service life of eaves virtually unlimited, there is no slack in the view of the absolute rigidity, the shutter slides on a cornice easily and freely without any effort. The difference in cost multiplied by the number of rooms is uniquely speaks for Use our eaves, instead of sliding glass or plastic blinds. Also, our rails are installed in the dressing booths of clothing stores, used to separate spaces.