Professional Dancers

It knows where deferred payment accompanying professional dancer, whom he charges more expensive when the ball is of the third age and that in the vacant hours it can be a good painter. He knows to touch violo, not because it received an erudite formation, says that it learned ' ' msica' ' in revistinhas of periodical board during a time where it touched and it sang in bars to gain some changed was at this time that the dancer knew professional. In agreement dance music, by the way, sings, dances, represents and still it absorbs sugar cane. for speaking in sugar cane, the Subject knows if a cassava is of the good ones because already it vendeu cassava of door in door and describes all the item to follow before buying a good cassava; Vendeu safe against earthquake, fall of airplane in land graves in cemetaries Know the owner of the cow that if freed it is in the way of the street confusing the transit, the owner it small market, the day laborer, the face that washes cars the owner of aougue that it also does not have authorization of the sanitary monitoring and the promoter of frum, being this last one known because she is customer of aougue and friend of the owner of the cow. Vende salgadinhos, chocolates, cakes and breads of honey in door of the college, or better in the door of the proper one college where it studies and therefore knows much people. The Subject knows priest who commands the service social of whitewashing of chemical dependents the dealer of the area also, knows the obstetrician and knows the nurse that she was imprisoned because made clandestine abortions.

The father of the son of the pregnant woman who does not know who is the father! the saint father that of the one mozinha in the lost causes the Subject knows quack who deferred payment in front of church, cure through the conjuncts and helps much people. If you to need to vender its expensive o Subject with certainty will know who you want to buy it Subject is there of its side, in its work, it divides the seat of the bus with you, the other side of the balcony the other side of the telephone line. The Subject it can be its head, its governor, its neighbor, its parents. Pparently the Subject can be simplrio, insosso, carrier of useless culture. Cliche! Or it can cultured intelligent and be politicized! This goes to depend on who hears and counts to histories of the Subject. The only one against indication for a loaded life of previsibility, that is what all wait is that one hour goes to lack Subject Therefore it is good for starting to track this category if its experiences of life still they will be in categoria' ' clich' ' less worthy therefore it is not clearly, a little without favour Now only let us agree, to be insane person, puta and drunk, without roundups hypocrisy is much more easy and tires little! It can be that as well as I you do not know none puta, nor an insane person and nor a drunk beyond that it exists in you yourselves! But if my example to serve of utility it can to try, starting for the person knows who them and knows where they live and can present them it you! The least will be amused and to the maximum, it will give good histories and subject does not go to lack.