Production Rolls Litogibochnyh MEM-3401

Video of the machine represent bending rolls, which are versatile machine for bending sheet in a cold state. Rollers are designed for bending, rolling pieces of sheet metal ferrous, nonferrous metals and alloys, with pre-scrap yield no more than 2500 kg / cm. beliefs. It is used when the following works: – edge pieces – flexible cylindrical shells – flexible conical shells – Flexible arcuate elements – edit slabs. The mechanism is designed based on the experience of domestic and foreign companies, made a 3-Volkova, asymmetrical arrangement of the work rolls. Rollers (manual and mechanical) used in ventilation-blank production, installation of sanitary systems, and other industries for the manufacture of thin-walled shells and all sorts of covers.

Minimum diameter of the products produced on the machine equal to 160 mm. Specifications Rolling Machines MEM-3401 Name Options 1 Dimensions LxWxH: 3460h1000h1450 2 Characteristics of electrical equipment:-engine main drive, V / Hz / W-drive motor recovery, V / Hz / watt. 380 / 50 / 2200 380 / 50 / 750 3 Number of rolls, pieces. April 4 Bending speed, m / min. July 5 Speed podma auxiliary rolls, m / min. 0.4 6 Diameter of rolls: – upper, mm. – Lower, mm. – Subsidiary, mm.

120 110 110 7 The smallest bending radius of workpiece, mm 80 8 Maximum width blank, mm. 2500 9 Maximum sheet thickness, mm 2 10 Weight, kg. 1340 Construction iehanizma has several advantages: – possibility edge piece without using any additional equipment – an extra roll in coupled with the mechanism of skew rolls and allows bending of conical shells – use of profiles allows the main roll roll cylindrical shells good accuracy with a small radius – automatic tuning to the desired thickness of the workpiece – overload protection mechanism in case of contact with a double thickness of the material – the main mechanism for tilting the upper roller in the horizontal plane for the removal of a closed shell – electromechanical lifting, lowering and lateral misalignment of rolls – an effective overload protection mechanism – a reliable system of protection from injury – the ability to control movement with by elektropedali or remote – install mechanism does not require a special foundation with anchoring. To meet customer demands Plant offers the following services: a) Supplies Kit spare parts for machinery, and b) Perform pre-commissioning and training of personnel to work on the machine, and c) carries out repair and maintenance of equipment supplied. MEM-3401 is the base. Extending the model series based on the principle of multiple changes in the length of the working rolls with the major units and sets the base model. This will allow for release mechanisms quickly reset the production and meet demand most customers.