Precious Work Time

But the reality of life is that if you stop for a few days, not to mention the month, it is difficult to make up this time. Until now, topical folk saying: “One day of the year feeds. ” And like me, shakes a day as a squirrel in a cage millions, and then there is little sense! And spend our precious time. We can not give enough time yourself, your family, relatives and relatives. And all because we were taught, teach, and will continue to teach what should be a good graduate school, college and a prestigious profession, which supposedly provides us with everything necessary to earn a pension, if it will live up to. We are taught to work hard, we are taught to obey and there’s nothing wrong with us but no one anywhere does not teach the basics of financial literacy. We do not know what laws are working and living money.

You asked yourself ever a question: why 10% people own 90% of all money in the world and only 10% of the money owned the remaining 90% of the population? The simple answer is 10% of the population knows the laws and use them, 90% of the population in ignorance and continue to run in circles, but with varying degrees of success trying to increase their revenues. Poor people spinning on their level, the middle class on his and no matter our social status, we all moves in order to survive. The rich also move, but they were moving While playing.