Or otherwise, you open an email that you had not opened and is now! Infected. How did they get my address? Because with multiple techniques, from sieving messages, sisando addresses in distribution lists, getting them in the databases of online Internet services, scrutinizing, addresses, etc. Difficult solution has since not preexist mechanical means of preventing it. Yes consist formulas to significantly decrease your reception. If you are interested in more information, I suggest visit the page about email trash Cryptonomicon. I insinuo also visualiceis the section relating to privacy, the amount of private information that, as inadvertent and unintentional, we are revealing to third parties, to make use of the Internet. Everytime you visit a Web site, routinely supplied information that can be stored by the site administrator. This, isn’t it difficult to find the Internet address of the machine from which you are operating, the user’s e-mail address, which pages read and which are not, what figures see, how many pages has visited, etc.

Have recommended to my friend, at least though, have a contingency plan in the field of computer security, which is one that includes procedures and information that enable the use of computers, packages, facilities and supplies, Internet resources the company, as well as the participation of people, in order to be able to work with alternative computer media and also alternative information flow strategiesin the case of any major incident and to thus resume operations in a timely manner, in order to ensure the continuity of the work processes. Occurrences can be manifold: viruses, mail spam, cookies, sabotage, theft, fire, major power outages, floods, only the total disaster that requires us to close should not be feared, there are partial losses such as loss of image to customers and employees. It is necessary to analyse the effects not to use computers in a period of seconds, minutes, hours, days and provide for their solutions.