Openness Honesty

Customer No laptop wants to see and talk to the salesperson! “” Neustadt/Wied: you’ve got the great spells in sales according to the motto of Dear customer, here to sign, otherwise you get nothing “served out”, Friedel says Mies, Managing Director of the company sales and consulting in Neustadt/Wied. Click author to learn more. Today’s customer is well informed, has operated long search for his problem and now seeks a consultant – people he trusts the solution to its problems. Say therefore should storm Vertriebler inside with the door in the House”and prefabricated poems”, but only man be easy. The old rule (after the in most cases the first 7 seconds the Rollo goes on or it remains to) decide on the order expected, is even today. Also, transactions will be made in the next 50 years even among people. Listen to their customers, he tell them everything and they can make suggestions him resolve his problem.

A question that the customers of the Answer does not spot (we didn’t have training!) they say their customers honestly, that they currently stumped, but immediately worry about a response. This commitment to the customer must be kept as well. Then the customer who thinks it honest, is not a machine, and usually arises additional sympathy notes. When possible should colleagues use a laptop during a sales call. The customer will feel like in the movie and has no way to talk with the salesperson at eye level. Even experienced one of Friedel Mies, Managing Director of sales and advice: during a move, several insurance contracts had to be converted.

The seller arrived and was asked in the living room. He proudly had his laptop in hand. He was asked at the living room table where he said even in the standing position: take her place here on the table, here I must put even my laptop, so we see a contracts and change can”! We thought there is not a person but a machine. He no longer came to the place, but was politely asked to leave the apartment. “They believe in sales not all the required books of alleged Vertrieblern/inside, which usually never active in sales have worked, but want to spread only motivation according to the motto: go into sales, work they need nothing, but still be millionaire and to buy my book”. It has never worked and will work only in exceptional cases. Sales is hard work which is topped only with diligence, self-organisation and self-discipline of success. Then, you can make good money in the independent distribution. Take your customers by the hand, they solve his problem because there is nothing better than to have gained a happy customer. Usually creates even a friendly customer relationship and a long term customer loyalty.