Over the past years, have been watching as many people who want to develop a business online spend looking for the miracle that will make them rich instantly. They waste their time in finding shortcuts that enable them to achieve success, financial security and the triumph, but it will not find it. I do not think that there are shortcuts that take you to success, is that everything requires preparation, work and effort. There is only a difference between winners and losers, and is that the former are willing to pay the price and form to achieve this. Also said this is good to know that although there are no shortcuts if there are techniques that will help you walk the path more quickly and more safely. One of the techniques which I am referring is viral marketing, it was not invented with the advent of the internet but if it has been developed in the network with a lot of force. This technique successfully developed will take your business to the top much before you think. And well that is viral Marketing? Is basically the technique that allows you to spread a message, multiplying its dissemination by the collaboration of third persons.

To do this you must offer a message of value, that will motivate others to want to spread it. There are many forms of viral marketing, how to put your links in comments on forums, videos or blogs, it’s pretty easy, but you must do it well, forget to spam, that will hurt you. All viral marketing strategies I highlight based on digital books, this basically consists of: create a small manual electronic with sufficient value and destined for a particular market niche. Prepare it in a format that allows the rapid dissemination and to keep all your content unless it can be tampered with by third parties. Putting active links for easy access. And most importantly, offer some benefit to the recipient with the intention that continue to disseminate your report.