Lakshmi Metal Company

Shares of La Caixa’s industrial holding, Criteria observe a ratio of market value to book value of 0.90 (thanks to the recovered value in recent days) and have the smallest ratio market value to book value. For ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel company, it employs more than 310,000 employees in more than 60 countries where the company operates and has led the international steel industry consolidation. Arcelor has recently had to face various difficulties such as strikes affecting its production of steel in Mexico. The company lost 564.8 million euros in the second quarter when in the same period in 2008 had achieved a profit of 5840 million euros. In first half of the year, the company has accumulated losses of 1.392 million euros, special expenses related to product inventory depreciation and provisions for reducing generation template. Despite the sharp fall in profit, group chief executive, ;Lakshmi Mittal is optimistic about the evolution of the profits of the company: a Siempre and if not there is an unexpected economic downturn, we should attend a gradual improvement continued in the second half of the year, although full recovery is still slow and progresivaa . I do not think there are too many doubts about the real strength of the global steel major, nor were such recovery prospects as the global economy continues its recovery process that results in an increased demand for steel and continuity the improvement in commodity prices. The improved results for the coming quarters will make the market according to FactSet expected a full-year loss of 353 million euros.