Innovative Soldering Processes

15 stand time improved thanks to new paper drill of hagedorn GmbH is aware of the increasing importance of stand and makeready times in printing and processing enterprises offers the Hagedorn GmbH, the leading supplier of knives and paper tools in Germany, immediately a new, even more powerful paper drills. Equipped with a carbide tip manufactured from powdered tungsten carbides and then soldered, the new Hawthorn HardCrown creates up to 40,000 strokes, without that it must be reground. This means increased performance tenfold compared to previously available, coated paper drills. A use extension to the up to 15 results compared to today’s most trusted a non-coated drills made of HSS steel. Experts agree today: savings can most likely be realized if companies use tools with long service life. With good reason: The more stable and more powerful a tool is more rare, it must be changed, the less Staff costs for the Exchange, stopped producing the counterparties less result falls. That is this account also for the paper drill so far neglected by many printers and processors, proves\”the new Hawthorn HardCrown. After numerous discussions with users and almost seven years of research developed, this paper drill all properties who want printers, processors, and the paper wholesale.

Its conical shape provides a targeted and accurate derivation of heat and scraps of paper, it is suitable for appropriate coating with TEFLON for permanent use in labels or cellophanierten papers and he has a high durability due to the use of powerful HSS steel. With the drill, paper stack can be edited from 50 to 80 mm, assuming the drill has a corresponding hub. The highlight, however, represents the top of the new paper drill. In contrast to previously available paper drills This is applied a carbide Crown not more fully from the HSS material, but at the top, which was previously made from powdered tungsten carbides.